This class represents a child class of VG_ExternalController.

If you haven’t yet, have a short look at VG_ControllerProfiles on the purpose of a VG_ExternalController.


This is an external controller class that supports a generic overlay controller for the OVRHand class as an external controller.

The following requirements have to be met to be able to enable the #define VG_USE_OVRHAND_CONTROLLER above and use the controller:

Controller Profile

If these requirements are met, you will be able to use the VG_CP_Oculus.OVRHand.HandTracking controller profile to setup your MyVirtualGrasp configuration (otherwise an error will appear on the console).

VG Controller profile in Unity.
VG Controller profile in Unity.


Hand Poses

All finger bones are mapped.

All finger bones are generically taken from the Transforms of the hand rig (which is controlled by the OVRHand component).

Grab Signals

will be controlled through the finger configuration (i.e. their state of bending).