The VG_HandStatus is a class that contains data about the current status of hands during runtime in the Editor.

The VG_HandStatusDebugger provides a simple debug tool to runtime observe changes of VG_Handstatus.

VG HandStatusDebugger
The VG HandStatusDebugger showing runtime update of HandStatus data.

Publc Member Variables

Type Name Description
bool m_valid If this hand is currently valid.
int m_avatarID The ID of the avatar to which this hand belongs.
VG_HandSide m_side The side of this hand.
Transform m_hand The transform of this hand’s wrist.
bool m_triggerHaptics Trigger external controller haptics.
Transform m_selectedObject The currently selected object in this hand.
float m_grabStrength The current grab / closing value (0=open hand; 1=closed hand).
VG_InteractionMode m_mode The interaction mode of the hand.
Vector3 m_graspPos The wrist position relative to grasped object.
Quaternion m_graspRot The wrist rotation relative to grasped object.
bool m_isRemote If this is a remote proxy hand (for multiplayer feature).
List m_linkedObjects Store linked object of this hand, i.e. the set of objects whose movement will be controlled by this hand.
float m_jointState1 Joint state at moment of grasp (or push) start or stop. If object has revolute or prismatic joint, if planar joint this is the state along xaxis of the joint anchor.
float m_jointState2 Joint state at moment of grasp (or push) start or stop. If object has planar joint, the state along yaxis of the joint anchor.

Publc Member Functions

Type Name Description
bool IsHolding() If the hand is currently holding an object.
bool IsMultiHandHolding() If an object is held in this hand and if it is currently held by other hand(s) as well.
bool IsPushing() If hand is pushing the selected object.