We have a series of VG onboarding tasks to show how to tackle different practical use cases using VirtualGrasp in a VR application. In VirtualGrasp SDK, they are packed in VirtualGrasp\Scenes\onboarding.

Task Description

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Interaction behaviors wanted

  • We want some button objects to stay on the planary surface of a pad simulating touch pad-like behaviors.

Tips for VR developers

  • VG_Articulation support creating joints on non-physical objects (objects without Rigidbody or ArticulationBody).
  • And the non-physical object with VG_Articulation can be parented to a physical object.


In VirtualGrasp SDK, we packed the solution of this task in VirtualGrasp/Scenes/onboarding see Task6_pad.


We simply added VG_Articulation component to the two button objects, one cylinder shaped and one cuboid shaped, and set both using PLANAR joint. Then you can interact with it by either pushing with index finger or grasping depending on what kind of interaction affordance you set. And a rectangular shaped planar limits are set along the joint anchor’s x and y axes.