Make an Object Interactable in a Few Seconds

To make a GameObject interactable you simply add an active VG_Articulation component to it.

Conditions for Interactable Objects

The following two conditions have to be met:

  1. The GameObject must have a MeshRenderer component (representing the actual 3D shape data) assigned to it.
  2. The source of that MeshRenderer must have the “Read/Write enabled” checkbox checked in the model inspector. You can either do that manually or use the “VirtualGrasp → Make Interactables Readable” helper function after you have equipped your objects with VG_Articulations.

Only the MeshRenderer on that GameObject will be interactable, i.e. no MeshRenderers in the hierarchy below it.

The GameObject will be made interactable with the hands through VG’s object articulation feature.

However, if you also want to get natural grasps then a preprocessing step called object baking is needed.