VG HandVisualizer
VG_HandVisualizer Component.


VG_HandVisualizer is a public script that provides a tool to visualize the VirtualGrasp representation of hand bones for debugging purposes. To see the skeleton, you should either choose a transparent shader for your hands or disable the skinned mesh renderer.

The MonoBehavior script exemplifies how to use the VG API functions for accessing specific bones / elements of the hands, such as GetBone() and GetFingerBone().

When you want to enable this script, it is recommended to add it on the same GameObject where your MyVirtualGrasp script is.

You should not add this component to individual objects because this is a global setting that is not linked to specific objects.
The VG_HandVisualizer visualizes the hand skeleton of each hand. In this example, the hands were made transparent to show the skeleton, and a finger tracking device was used to show the full movement of the hand.
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