The VG_HandStatusDebugger is a public script that shows the current status of hands during runtime in the Editor.

The VG_HandStatusDebugger provides a tutorial on some of the members of VG_HandStatus which are central to many of the API functions, such as GetHands() or some Events.

As you can see in the example video, this is data such as the current avatar ID, the hand side, the wrist transform of that hand, the currently selected object, and the grab strength.

When you want to enable this script, it is recommended to add it on the same GameObject where your MyVirtualGrasp script is.

You should not add this component to individual objects because this is a global setting that is not linked to specific objects.
// ThirdParty/VirtualGrasp/Scripts/VG_HandStatusDebugger.cs

public class VG_HandStatusDebugger : MonoBehaviour
    [Tooltip("This list will be updated during runtime with the VG_HandStatus of all hands.")]
    public List<VG_HandStatus> m_hands = new List<VG_HandStatus>();

    public void Update()
        foreach (VG_HandStatus hand in VG_Controller.GetHands())
The VG_HandStatusDebugger will continuously update the list of VG_HandStatus in the Inspector.
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