VG_BakingClient menu.
The BakingClient / Bake Grasps method can be found in the VirtualGrasp menu.


The VG_BakingClient is an internal script that integrates the VirtualGrasp Cloud Baking Service (CABVG) into the Unity editor.

If you are not familiar with the concept of object baking, please read the object baking documentation first.

When you want to enable this script, you have to call it from the Unity editor menu.

The window itself is only available during development in the Unity Editor, and not during runtime.
Baking Pipeline.
Baking Pipeline.


VG Baking Client in Unity.
VG_BakingClient in Unity.

Step 1: Authentication

After signing up to the Cloud Baking Service, you should have received credentials (email address and password). After entering them once, your credentials will be stored in your Unity registry, so you won’t have to re-enter them all the time.

Check if your credentials are valid by clicking “Verify credentials”.

Step 2: Preparation

VG Baking Client Prepare Project in Unity.
VG_BakingClient Prepare Project in Unity.

The preparation step is to create input files needed by the Baking Service. Since these input files can also be used for debugging purposes we refer them to “Debug Files”.

To prepare project, click Prepare project button in baking client window, and a separate window “Prepare project” shown in above image will pop up. Follow the instruction to prepare the baking input files:

  1. At the begining of preparing project, if the listed number of scenes, hand models or objects is non-zero, please click Clear button to clear all so to prevent outdated data from polluting your baking result.
  2. Click Export button will create and fill Asset/vg_tmp/ folder with “Debug Files” generated from the currently opened unity scene. To add more objects from other scenes, close this Prepare project window, open the other scene, open this Prepare project window and Export again. Such process goes on untill you have accumulated all scenes that have interactable objects. Note all objects with VG_Articulation component will be exported even if this component is disabled.
  3. Click Finish button will package all data collected in Asset/vg_tmp/ into “”, so you are ready to upload to Gleechi’s cloud baking service.

Step 3: Baking

Once Prepare project is finished by clicking Finish button, you can come back to main baking client window, and click Create Grasps for project to upload your package to the Gleechi Cloud baking server and trigger a bake. A window will appear to inform you about the process. Expect about 1-2 minutes for a common bake.

Once baking is complete, the console message will be displayed to show the newly baked grasp db (as .db) file is saved as “Assets/VG_Grasps/grasp-[hash].db” with a random generated hash. You need to drag this file into MyVirtualGrasp –> Grasp DB to use it in your project.

Now you can directly play the project and enjoy natural looking grasps dynamically generated on your objects.

Any .db file is recognized as a grasp db when it is placed in the Assets folder.