VG Animation Driver.
VG Animation Driver

VG_AnimationDriver is a public script that can be used to drive any animation on fingers or objects with specified input through Action Reference. Depending on the action reference, Input Range could be [0, 1] or other values like [-1, 1]. The driver is only enabled when the left or right hand (specified by Hand Side) is holding the Interactable Object, because it is designed with the primary intentions to animate in-hand manipulations of grasped objects.

VG_AnimationDriver provides On Driven event that is invoked at each frame to receive input floating values in the Input Range. Any animator functions can recieve this input value by listening to the On Driven events. The example image above shows the input is driving both VG_FingerAnimator.DriveAnimation(float) and VG_ObjectAnimator.Rotate(float) to animate the in-hand manipulation of the pliers in our VG onboarding task9.