Downloading the VirtualGrasp plugin for Unity

The VirtualGrasp SDK for Unity is currently available in the two versions FREE and PRO:

Version PRO FREE
VG SDK & Interaction Engine
Android & Windows support
Object Baking  
Grasp Editing  
Custom Hand Models  
Replay Features  
Commercial License  

Supported Platforms and Unity Engine Versions

VirtualGrasp SDK only supports Windows Standalone and Android builds.

Other platforms such as Linux, iOS, MacOS, etc, are not supported at the moment.

In our experience Unity and the VirtualGrasp SDK are very robust in terms of up- or downgrading inside a major Unity version (e.g., 2020.x.x, 2021.x.x, etc) for your projects.

The following is a list of Unity Engine versions that we have tested the VirtualGrasp SDK with:

Unity 2019.x and earlier is not and will not be supported due to the lack of ArticulationBody components.

Unity 2020.x is supported and has been tested successfully.

Unity 2021.x is supported and has been tested successfully.

Unity 2021.3 is the version that we are currently using to create the SDK.

Unity 2022.1 is supported and has been tested successfully.
  For Unity 2022.1.0b, there is an Inspector GUI artifact in VG_MainScript/Sensors, but it is a known Unity issue.