This class represents a child class of VG_ExternalController.

If you haven’t yet, have a short look at VG_ExternalControllerManager on the purpose of a VG_ExternalController.


This is an external controller class that supports a Mouse controller as an external controller.

There are no requirements to use this controller, so you can use the “Mouse Hand” option to AutoSetup your VG configuration.


  • will set “External” to “MouseHand”
  • will set “FingerControlType” to “BY_ANIMATION”
  • will set “Origin” to “None”


Hand Poses

Only the wrists are mapped.

Will be controlled through the Mouse position in your game window, as well as through the scroll wheel (moving the hands in depth).

Grab Signals

will be controlled through the Mouse button clicks, left mouse button for left hand, right mouse button for right hand.