VG HintVisualizer
VG_HintVisualizer Component.


VG_HintVisualizer is a public script. It can be used as a Unity component to visualize some hints such as a selection sphere to debug graspable object selection or a push sphere to guide pushing interactions.

The MonoBehavior provides a tutorial on the VG API functions for accessing the push state (GetPushCircle).

When you want to enable this script, it is recommended to add it on the same GameObject where your MyVirtualGrasp script is.

You should not add this component to individual objects because this is a global setting that is not linked to specific objects.

Push Hints

If push hints are enabled, a circle will be visualized on the surface of the selected object if that object is setup for push without physics.

The circle’s size will increase as the finger tip is closer to the object, and decrease as it moves farther away.

When the finger tip is too far from the object, or if the approach direction deviates too much from the push pivot, this circle will disappear indicating the object is no longer selected for pushing.

See push without physics to learn about the process of pushable object selection.

If Push Hints are enabled, a circle will show up on the pushable object.

Grasp Hints

If grasp hints are enabled, an object selection sphere will be visualized for each hand. When no object is selected, the sphere will be red; when an object is selected, the sphere will change color to green.

See from object selection to grasp synthesis to learn about the process of graspable object selection.

Selection hint spheres for each hand will change color based on selection.