In VirtualGrasp we use the terms sensor and controller exchangeably since a VR controller is essentially a sensing device for hand poses.

VirtualGrasp is hardware-agnostic.

You can use VirtualGrasp with or without a VR headset and your scene does not need to be a VR-enabled scene.

In terms of hand control, VirtualGrasp can create natural grasp interactions with any kind of controllers (or sensors), whether it is hand-held VR controllers that gives accurate 6-dof wrist pose, finger tracking devices like Leap Motion or Oculus finger tracking feature, or or even just a computer mouse.

This is because unlike many physics-based grasp synthesis solutions in the market that require accurate finger tracking, VirtualGrasp exploits “object intelligence”. By analyzing shape and affordances of an object model in VR, we can synthesize grasp configurations on a hand with just the knowledge of where the wrist is, and without any dependence of expensive physical simulations.

How to Setup

Whether it is Unity or Unreal, you can assign your controller input in MyVirtualGrasp → Sensors. See AutoSetup & Sensors to learn how to setup your sensors in Unity. A set of ready-to-use controllers is explained in VG_ExteralController Class.